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Why add cupping to your massage?

What is Cupping ? Cupping therapy is an ancient practice used for thousands of years to promote wellness and healing. The benefits of cupping therapy are many! People request cupping for many reasons, including , stress relief, muscle tension, back pain. Cupping reduces your blood pressure, resting heart rate, and stressful feelings. It also increases the ease with which blood flows, delivering oxygen and nutrients where they’re needed for healing.

May Release Toxins The negative pressure (suction) involved in cupping encourages your cells to release toxins they may be holding onto, like:

  • Bodily fluids

  • Inorganic substances

  • Bacteria

  • Metabolic waste (mostly damaged, dead and dying cells)

Once released, these toxins travel out of your body through your lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Brings Oxygen in the Area After releasing toxins, fresh nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood flows into the area. Oxygen-rich blood is critical for cellular health and can promote overall cellular wellbeing.

May Improve Blood Circulation Although cupping is not a treatment for any medical condition, it can ease the effects of circulatory-related issues because it increases blood flow to the area. You might choose to explore the benefits of cupping in addition to medical treatment.

May Support Your Body’s Natural Healing Processes Better blood flow also means the cells have what they need to function at their best, so the benefits of cupping therapy can extend to faster healing in areas that may not have adequate blood before cupping.

Ease Muscle Tension and Related Pain

Tension in the backs of the thighs and the lower back can lead to ongoing discomfort in your lower back. A combination of Therapeutic yoga and cupping can relieve this tension. Cupping may change muscle structure to alleviate areas of tension while therapeutic yoga can reduce pain by improving how your joints, muscles, and other tissues work together during movement.

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