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The Back on Track Cleanse is coming to Healing Lakes Chiropractic!

September 18th-27th you can join our nutrition coach Kelly Molloy for a 10 day Whole Foods Cleanse

Kelly created the Back on Track Cleanse over 15 years ago and has been leading people through this effective but super doable detox program ever since.

The Back on Track Cleanse includes REAL FOOD - protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts and even some whole grains. It is NOT a starvation diet and yet you are likely to see amazing results including weight loss, improved digestion, less brain fog, clearer skin, more energy and even better sleep! You will not be in the bathroom all the time either!

This cleanse can be done with or without a meal replacement but it does make it easier to have a good quality protein option that is quick and easy. If you choose to do that, you can pick up your Standard Process Chai or Regular flavor Detox in the office! You will STILL be eating food though!

Kelly will be providing tons of delicious recipes and meal plan suggestions to turn your 10 days of Cleansing into a delicious culinary adventure! Don't worry .. all the recipes are simple and yummy enough that your whole family will enjoy them. Lots of people continue eating the cleanse foods long after the cleanse is over!

With your Cleanse Package you will also receive 2 private, 30 minute coaching sessions with Kelly. These sessions are a great time to discuss any health challenges or goals and how the cleanse can be most beneficial to you. There is also an optional Parasite Detox that can be added on to the 10 day cleanse.

For more details on the Cleanse visit Kelly's web site at or you can reach out to Kelly directly at 603-305-7709

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